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Types Of Window Graphics For Your Business

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Window graphics can be an indispensable part of a successful brick-and-mortar business. Sometimes called window decals or window stickers, window graphics in San Jose storefront windows offer passing pedestrians and drivers vital information about your business hours or services. More importantly, they share your creative vision and help you grow brand awareness that can expand your customer base well beyond your brick-and-mortar location.

Selecting the Best Window Graphics

Choosing to invest in window graphics over other types of business signs can be a difficult decision, particularly if your marketing budget is limited.

Window graphics may be an ideal marketing option for your business if your brick-and-mortar structure is located in an area that maintains high foot traffic. You should also consider advertising with window graphics if your building's facade features an abundance of window space. Vinyl window films and decals are less expensive than many types of business signage, and they are often easy to install.

Types of Window Graphics for Your Business

You'll find many styles of full-color business window graphics on the market, including vinyl lettering, opaque or clear window decals, privacy window films, and custom window decals. You can choose any style of window graphics, as long as your choice increases your brand's visibility in the neighborhood and encourages people to visit your business.

• Vinyl lettering:

With this style, your company logo and lettering are cut from a single sheet of vinyl. It's the simplest type of window signage, but it's also very affordable and quite durable. It's commonly used to advertise promotions or as temporary signage.

• Clear window decals:

This style is similar in function to vinyl lettering, but instead of cutting the design from a solid-colored vinyl sheet, you print the design onto clear vinyl. This option gives you more color and design options; using clear vinyl allows you to keep some functional use of your store window even after placing the graphics.

• Opaque window decals:

As the name implies, this type of graphic obscures the view of people on either side of the window. These decals are typically printed on a white background, making them easy to see from a distance and therefore a smart choice when you want to identify your business and provide store information.

• Tinted window films:

These multifunctional vinyl or polyester window graphics reduce the amount of light that passes through the glass, which can reduce window glare and enhance the privacy of interior spaces. Some tinted window films can even help lower your building's energy costs by blocking UV rays.

• Perforated window decals:

This style of one-way signage features vibrant, eye-catching images or graphics printed on a specially designed vinyl sheet that has been micro-punched with holes. These decals often span the entire width of your storefront, providing some of the same privacy advantages as frosted or tinted window films. Once installed, the decals allow customers who are inside your store an unobscured view of the outdoors but block those outside from seeing past the decal.

We are San Jose's premiere window graphics company, offering you window films and graphics options that promote your brand and add to your customer base. When you're ready to expand your bricks-and-mortar business with carefully crafted window graphics, films, and decals, contact Touchstone Signs & Graphics.


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