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Looking for the most eye-catching building signs that you can get for your business? Whatever your industry, whatever your location, channel letter signs are some of the boldest, most vibrant, and most visible signs you can get.

Customize your sign to reflect your brand and can ensure that you make a strong impression in your community. These proven signs are a staple choice for a reason: they don’t just look great; they can help you generate leads.

You don’t have to keep searching for “channel letter signs near me” and work with one of the leading sign companies in San Jose for high-quality signs. Call us at (408) 495 8074) to book a free consultation with a signage expert.

What is a Channel Letter Sign?

Custom channel letter signs are made from individually built letters. Unlike other signs that are printed on the same piece of material or single cabinet, channel letters are made and mounted individually. The sign can be made out of stainless steel or aluminum, and it contains LED illumination within the housing itself.

That means a cleaner sign and a more pleasing appearance. No wonder you’ll find channel letters at some of the most exclusive establishments around the city.

These signs provide maximum contrast with the background, which is usually the building’s exterior. This helps the letters stand out, ensuring they are legible from further away. With next-gen LED lighting, our signs are cost-effective to install and operate. LEDs are up to 8 times more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs and have up to 25 times longer lifespan.

Types of Channel Letters

There are several types of signs, distinguished by the lighting configuration that’s been used for the sign:

Front-lit channel letters: Also called LED channel letter signs are one of the most popular options. The lighting apparatus is installed within each letter, and the light shines through the acrylic face of the letter.

Halo-lit channel letters: Also known as reverse channel letters, these letters have a light source that’s pointed toward the rear of the sign. Light reflects off the background and provides a halo-like effect around the letters, hence the name.

Combination: Signs can also incorporate both types of lighting (front-lit and halo-lit) for a dazzling appearance.

Can you install non-lit channel letters? These are called dimensional letter signs, which are different types of signs. Since they don’t include lighting, they can be made from a wider range of materials.

Design Custom Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

Don’t settle for standard styles and bland colors. Customize your sign exactly as you want with help from our team. While standard fonts and sizes are available, we also offer molded plastic letters if you like a more customized look. You can even install custom channel letters indoors to complement your store or office’s interiors.

You can choose the depth, height, and lighting options for your channel letters. Call Touchstone Signs & Graphics in San Jose today at (408) 495 8074 if you have given custom channel letters some thought. You’ll talk to an experienced sign team that can provide further guidance on choosing the right materials or lighting options for your business.

Uses of Channel Letters

You can get a channel letter customized to the precise color, font, and size that you like. While this means that most businesses end up making their sign reflect their brand names, such as having storefront channel letters, and pan channel letters, outdoor retail is not the only use of a channel letter sign. Your signs will provide a wide range of benefits, including:

Indoor use: Use these signs indoors to make a bold impression on visitors.

Event venues: Install signs as decorative elements and make them work as advertisements for the space.

Social media: Encourage photos with your giant channel letters and encourage passers-by to take selfies with your sign.

Personal use: Deck out your home bar or other spaces with personal channel letters.

Your Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer in the San Jose Metro Area

Are you considering your options for channel letter signs in the San Jose Metro Area? At Touchstone Signs & Graphics, we can help. We will help you identify options that add value, not just raise the cost of channel letters.

What are LED channel letters?

LED channel letters are almost the same as your usual LED signs. Their only difference is that channel letters are built and installed individually. Being installed individually, they create a much cleaner and pleasing look. These are the signs that are usually seen in the city's famous structures.

What are pan channel letters?

Pan channel letters are large individual letters that are commonly used as exterior signs for business buildings and shops. It is usually made with a plastic or metal enclosure that holds the LED and other lighting components. You can choose the depth, height, and lighting options of your pan channel letters.

How do you install a channel letter?

As each letter is being installed one by one. The installation process varies depending on which lighting configuration you chose for your sign. Each type has its own installation process to ensure the lighting quality of the sign. Our knowledgeable team can provide you with more information about the process.

How do you make custom channel letter signs with LED lights?

By using LED lights to illuminate your sign, you can have it lit in a variety of ways. Each lighting variety has a unique manufacturing and installation process. Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our qualified specialists to learn more.  

What are channel letters made of?

We usually use stainless steel or aluminum to create a letter. The housing itself is made of these metals, while the face is made of acrylic. This ensures the durability and safety of the lighting components inside. These make the letters more noticeable and ensure that they can be read from a distance.

How are channel letters attached?

Each type of channel letter has a different installation procedure. They each have a specific lighting setup that must be placed correctly. Call us at (408) 495 8074 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff.

What is a reverse channel letter?

Reverse channel letters are signs where the lighting setup is on the back side of the sign. These signs have their lights reflect rather than shine through the surface of the letter. They are also known as halo-lit channel letters.

How do you make a custom light-up letter sign?

We ensure that the sign's design reflects the client's brand and makes an impact in the community. We offer several types of channel letters; each has its own features. Speak with an experienced sign team for more information on identifying the perfect materials or lighting options for your business.

What is halo illumination?

Halo illumination, as the name implies, creates a halo-like effect around the letters of the sign. They are also known as reverse channel letters because the light is directed toward the edge of the sign and not through the surface of the sign.

How do you make acrylic LED letters?

Acrylic LED letters are among the most popular choices in LED light signs. This sign allows light to pass through the acrylic to the surface of the lettering. Aluminum or stainless steel are both acceptable materials for the sign's frame. To learn more about these signs, schedule a free consultation with one of our signage specialists.


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