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What is a Door Sign? 

Not all commercial signs are designed to sell your products and services directly. Some of them are intended to amplify customer experience and trust. Others also help create a more professional atmosphere and promote convenience for everyone in the establishment. 

One effective way to keep customers satisfied with your business is by putting up clear and concise office door signs. They are simple yet important visual communication tools that every San Jose facility should have. A few of the most common uses of door signs include:  

  • Greeting customers from the moment they enter the establishment.
  • Labeling the room or space and describing its purpose.
  • Warning people about potentially hazardous things in your facility.
  • Informing people about other dos and don’ts inside the office, room, space, or establishment.
  • Indicating the names and corresponding professions of people occupying the area. 

For more information on their application as well as the cost of door signs in San Jose, reach out to Touchstone Signs & Graphics today.

Popular Types of Door Signs in San Jose 

  • Coroplast office sign: These signs are fully waterproof and highly durable, making perfect long-term investments for your business.
  • Dibond office sign: Are you on the hunt for a lightweight yet resilient material to use on your hanging door signs? Dibond is known for its superior resistance to harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements.
  • Foam core door sign: These interior office door signs are budget-friendly and easy-to-install visual communication solutions. When installed outside, we recommend them for short-term uses only.
  • Aluminum office signs: You can use these outstanding signs indoors or outdoors. We offer them in various thickness levels and finishes, giving you more room for customization.
  • Armour-wood office door signs: We fabricate these heavy-duty signs using a solid wood core that is encased between two aluminum sheets. We recommend them to entrepreneurs who are serious about maximizing their marketing budget.
  • Engraved custom door signs for business: These types of custom door sign are perfect for indicating room numbers, labels, and employee names, job titles, departments, warnings, and more. We offer them in either metal, plastic, or clear acrylic.
  • Alumalite door signs: Alumalite signs are built to last a lifetime, even when used outdoors. The fabrication process involves fusing together Alumalite sheets on corrugated plastic to create a dense and resilient structure.
  • Acrylic office door signs: These modern and vibrant San Jose office signs can be laser printed or molded, depending on your preferences.
  • Vinyl door signs: Vinyl door graphics and letters are easy and inexpensive tools to communicate your message and touches of branding in your space. They are ideal for showcasing your official trademark, seasonal decor, office hours, and more. Our San Jose team uses premium-grade vinyl sheets to ensure that they are resistant to fading, scratches, and other forms of damage. 

Where Can I Get the Best Quality Signs for Doors? 

Touchstone Signs & Graphics is your go-to source of commercial and home office door signs in the San Jose Metro Area, CA. As industry leaders, we make sure to use foolproof best practices, top-of-the-line equipment, and modern techniques to create visual marketing solutions that add value to your company. We also work closely with you every step of the way to understand your needs and expectations better. 

Don’t copy other entrepreneurs who settle for generic or ready-to-use door signs that can be bought almost anywhere. If you want cohesive branding in your facility and to build a deeper connection with customers, hire the professionals at Touchstone Signs & Graphics. 

Book a consultation today with one of our seasoned specialists to learn more.

What is a door sign?

Door signs provide a lot of functionality for your business. They are simple yet important visual communication that has been an effective way to attract and satisfy customers. They may include your name, logo, business hours, and contact numbers.

What do you call a sign on a door?

The umbrella term we use for these signs is door signs. They come in various designs and sizes depending on what your business needs. Here at Touchstone Signs & Graphics, we offer different types of door signage that are popularly used in San Jose.

How big is a door sign?

Door sign sizes depend on which type of sign your business doors will have or need. It may also differ in the design you will be choosing. Book a consultation with one of our seasoned specialists to discuss the correct size for your business.

How big should a front door sign be?

The size of the front door sign will depend on what your sign wants to communicate with your target client. Do you want them to greet, inform, and warn them of potentially hazardous things in your space, or do you just want to decorate? Give us a call and our team of experts will gladly assist you with what a front door sign should be like.

What are the things that hang on a door called?

Not all door signs are meant to be hung. Door signage comes in various designs, some are being hung and some are fabricated. We create signs that are most appropriate for your business needs.

Is there an alternative sign for “Do Not Disturb” on my doors?

The "Do Not Disturb" sign can be displayed in your office in a variety of ways. You might wish to keep it basic with typography, or we might tailor it to fit your company's identity and brand. To find out more, schedule a consultation with one of our experts and learn the best option available.

How do you make a “welcome” door sign?

We design and customize welcome door signs following what your business needs. We have different materials to choose from to make sure that you stick to your brand. We make sure that we provide only highly durable signs for our clients. Call us at 408-396-5078 to get more details.

How do you make a front door sign?

We create and personalize front door signs according to the needs of your company. To ensure that your sign anchors with your brand, we provide an array of sign options to choose from. Contact us at 408-396-5078 and speak with our team and hear their expert recommendations.

How high should door signs be?

Everything depends on the design you want for your sign. It can be created to complement your brand's identity, or it can be done traditionally to show friendliness and warmth. Let our specialists assist you with which solutions are best for your company.

What kind of wood do you use for door signs?

We use solid wood to make sure that the sign is sturdy but is still maintaining its cost-effectiveness. We wanted to make sure that we provided nothing but the best products to all our clients. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about the materials we use.


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