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Surrounded by commercial signs and need to make a big impact? A pylon sign in San Jose, CA, is an exceptional option for towering over competitors and obstacles. Take advantage of the height and visibility of these signs to make a big impact on anyone driving by. Whether you’re a restaurant, a retail location, a dealership, or the owner of a multi-commercial space, these signs will become a key asset for you. We offer pylon signs design, building, and installation and can answer your questions about this imposing sign type. Call (408) 495 8074 to book a free on-site consultation to discuss pylon signage for your establishment today.

What is a Pylon & Pole Sign?

A pylon sign is a type of outdoor sign that stands freely on one or two supporting pillars. It is typically over 50 feet tall and has a large cabinet on top, which displays the sign's face. These signs are also called “freestanding signs” and “pole signs” because they are tall and not mounted to anything else, such as the side of a building. Commercial pylon signs are popular in businesses such as:
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
Someone may drive a little further to your business instead of stopping at your competitors if they can see that your business is nearby. What type of signage are you looking for?

Uses for Pylon Signs

Design custom pylon & pole signs and take branding to your next level. Your sign can include your business name and logo or the brand names and logos of the other businesses on your property. You can even use pylon signs in San Jose to show advertisements and unlock another source of revenue.

Pylon signs are an unparalleled advertising tool. Use them to broadcast other information about products, business hours, or other engaging messages. Install a digital pylon sign equipped with an LED sign face to display any image, video, or text. Change messaging at the click of a button.

Types of Pylon Signs

There are four key styles of pylon signs:

Single pole: These signs are supported by a single pole and can go up to 100 feet tall. These signs use their impressive height to capture the attention of current and potential customers.

Twin pole: Pylon signs with two poles are more stable and can be taller than single pole signs. Some people also prefer the aesthetics of a twin-pole pylon sign. Because of the extra support, the sign face can be larger too.

Covered pole: Don’t like the look of a single-pole jutting up to support the sign? You can get a variety of finishes to mask the look and enhance the appearance of the sign.

Custom lightbox: These lighted signs allow businesses to advertise 24/7. Install one or multiple lightboxes, depending on your needs.

There is another important distinction to make between illuminated pylon signs and non-lit pylon signs. Non-lit pylon signs are still tall and impactful, but they can’t be seen or read from afar during the night. Lighted pylon signs may be a greater upfront investment, but they are more impactful, offering greater value too.

Your Trusted Sign Company for Pylon Signs in the San Jose Metro Area

At Touchstone Signs & Graphics in San Jose, we help businesses like yours achieve their goals. We build top-of-the-line pylon signs that enhance visibility and position your business in the best possible light.

Don’t settle for signs that just look good–our signs are designed to attract customers and help you generate leads. We’ll show you how you can include wayfinding elements to guide people to your location.

Pylon Sign Installation and Design in San Jose,CA

If you’re looking for “pylon signs near me,” you should reach out to Touchstone Signs & Graphics. We will answer your questions regarding the cost of pylon signs, sit with you to design them and take care of the installation from start to finish.

Call (408) 495 8074 to book your free consultation to discuss pylon signage for your San Jose business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pylon sign?

It is a type of freestanding sign that is often used to identify a business or a specific location. Pylon signs are usually tall and slim, and they are often placed near the entrance of a business or along a busy road. Pylon signs can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

What is the difference between a monument and a pylon sign?

A monument is a structure that has been erected to commemorate a person, event, or achievement. A pylon sign is a large, freestanding sign that is typically used to advertise a business or attract attention to a particular location.

What is a building pylon?

A building pylon is a support structure that is used to bear the weight of a building or other structure. Pylons are typically made from concrete, steel, or stone, and can be either freestanding or attached to a building. Pylons are often used to support bridges, overpasses, and other large structures.

What are the signs on poles called?

Pylon signs, also known as pole or freestanding signs, are signs that are mounted on poles or other tall structures. These signs are often used to advertise businesses or to provide directional information. Pylon signs can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and glass.

What is a freestanding pylon?

A freestanding pylon is a type of support structure that is not attached to a building or other structure. These pylons are often used to support signs, billboards, and other large structures. Freestanding pylons can be made from a variety of materials, including concrete, steel, and aluminum.

What is the difference between a pole sign and a pylon sign?

A pole sign is a sign that is attached to a single pole. A pylon sign can be attached to multiple poles. The difference between the two is that a pole sign is typically smaller and simpler to install, while a pylon sign is larger and more complex to install.

How tall is a pylon sign?

Pylon signs can be found along roadsides and in front of shopping centers. They are often tall and eye-catching, which makes them an effective way to get noticed. The height of a pylon sign can vary depending on the needs of the owner.

What are pylon signs used for?

Pylon signs are large signs that are placed on tall structures, typically near the entrance of a business or other type of facility. They are used to help people find the entrance to the facility, and they can also be used to advertise the business or facility.

What are the different types of pylons?

Pylon signs come in two main varieties: illuminated and non-illuminated. Illuminated pylon signs are typically made with LEDs or fluorescent bulbs, which make them more visible at night or in low-light conditions. Non-illuminated pylon signs may be made with traditional materials like painted metal or plastic, and they can be lit from the ground with spotlights.

What is a digital pylon sign?

It is a type of sign that uses digital technology to display information. These signs are often used to display information about businesses, such as the name of the business, the type of business, and contact information. Digital pylon signs can also be used to display directional information, such as where to find the nearest exit.


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