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Need high-quality interior signage to help your San Jose business stand out? Let the team at Touchstone Signs & Graphics work with you to produce signs that support your marketing goals and cohesively show off your brand throughout your entire facility. With the right indoor signs, you can make the best impression when it comes to welcoming customers and visitors.

The signs used inside your location can provide a series of benefits to businesses. From brand affirming lobby signs to sales and promotional signs with a call to action, the many uses of interior signs mean that there is plenty you can do to create a better experience for your customers, employees, and guests.

Types of Indoor Signs

If you’re still wondering ‘what is interior signage and why does my business need it?’, keep reading to find out more about all the different types of signs that can help improve your interior space. Interior office signs really are important, and the type of signage you’ll need will likely be a combination of different types and styles, designed specifically to align with your business needs.

Touchstone Signs & Graphics in San Jose can help restaurants, retail stores, professional offices, government buildings, and any other business or organization interested in serving customers in the best possible way. Don’t let disjointed indoor signage negatively impact your customer experience!

Some of the most important custom interior signs you may need include:

  • Lobby signs
  • Wall decals
  • ADA signs
  • Door signs
  • Point of purchase signs
  • Room identification signs
  • Interior Directional signage

As a reliable indoor signs maker in San Jose, know that our full-service signage shop can create cost-effective signage for your business that can include your colors, fonts, personality, and style so that your brand image remains top of mind with those that matter.

Where to Find Indoor Signs In San Jose, CA

Are you searching for Interior Sign Company? Touchstone Signs & Graphics is here and ready to help! If you need professionally designed and coordinated indoor signage for your San Jose business, we’ve got the skills and creativity to get the job done. Whether it’s a lobby sign or a brand-new interior signage strategy, we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations.

Why choose Touchstone Signs & Graphics? While the cost of interior signs can vary based on material and design options, we aim to offer outstanding signage while being mindful of our customer’s budget and cost guidelines. In addition, we only use high-quality materials and will finish all projects straight through to installation, making sure you’re completely satisfied with the result.

Best Interior Signs in San Jose, CA

Is your current indoor business signage as effective as it could be? If it’s time to update or add additional signage to improve brand visibility and augment your professional image, let Touchstone Signs & Graphics help. We’re committed to helping your San Jose business succeed and will work hard to understand your unique needs and offer tailored solutions that work. We know what it takes to create great signage, and we’re ready to help your business make a lasting impact.

The team at Touchstone Signs & Graphics is ready to create the best signage for your business. Call us at (408) 495-8074 to get started. With many options available, we know we can provide exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are interior signs and graphics?

Interior signs and graphics are any form of signage or graphics, whether they’re on the floor, ceiling, or wall, that communicate information to the public. These signs could be for advertising, wayfinding, labeling, or warning about safety.

How do you make indoor lobby signs?

It depends on many different factors, like what material they’re made out of, how big they are, how they need to be installed, etc. Most signs need to go through a cutting and printing process, which is what we do in our factory.

Do you make indoor metal signs?

Yes. You can order them in various sizes and shapes, depending on what you need for your business. It’s best to call us at 408-560-4075 or send us a message through our webpage to learn more.

What is the best material for indoor signs?

The materials used in making indoor signs doesn’t have to be as durable as the ones used for outdoor signage, so the focus should be more on using a material that looks good. Vinyl is a good indoor material that looks fantastic on walls, windows, and floors.

What materials are used to make indoor signs?

We make signs from a variety of materials including, wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, and more.

How long will an indoor sign last?

This depends on what material the sign is made out of and where the sign is placed. A metal door sign will last a lot longer than a floor graphic made out of vinyl because many people will walk over it. No matter what type of sign we’re fabricating, we always strive to get our materials from high-quality sources so our signs will have the best lifespan possible.

How does indoor and outdoor advertising differ?

Outdoor advertising is more focused on getting people into businesses, and guiding them there, whereas indoor advertising is more about getting people to buy in-store products since they’re already inside.

What are indoor office signs?

These are the signs you’ll see around an office setting. This will include door signs, conference door signs, wall graphics used to improve decor, and other signs, such as ones that instill a company’s pride in their employees.

Can you make indoor acrylic signs for businesses?

Yes, acrylic signage is one of the signs we make, and we suggest it all the time because of its versatility. It looks good, and can be customized with different finishes that can aid in making them easier on the eyes.

Where can I get custom indoor signs in San Jose, California?

There are many sign companies in San Jose, California, but we aren’t afraid to put our quality and customer service skills up against any of them. We’re passionate about helping businesses and we want to show you what we can do. Give us a call at (408)-560-4075 or go to our website to find out more.


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