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What are Floor Graphics? 

In marketing, you have to be creative, innovative, and efficient to bring more profit to your San Jose company. This is why custom floor decals are fantastic investments to maximize your space, budget, and advertising efforts. They are made from durable vinyl that is resistant to fading, scratches, and other damages caused by inclement weather. They can be installed in various areas inside or outside your establishment, depending on your goals and preferences. 

Vinyl floor decals are one of the most versatile and flexible signs that you can invest in. With them, you can effectively communicate your message without getting on their nerves. These custom floor signs are also perfect for refreshing the ambiance of your space, such as when you’re promoting a big collection or decorating for the holidays. 

Whatever types of floor graphics you wish to purchase, Touchstone Signs & Graphics is here to meet your needs. Call one of our seasoned specialists today!

Different Uses for Floor Graphics for Your San Jose Company 

  • Advertise what your business has to offer: Most consumers in San Jose positively respond to non-intrusive advertising methods. Whether you want to inform customers about your newly released items or remind them of your best-sellers, vinyl floor signs are top-notch tools to advertise them and influence customers’ purchasing decisions.  
  • Solidify who you are as a brand: Our San Jose team can strategically install floor decals in key areas in your facility. This tactic helps with brand recall, especially during those moments when they want to purchase something that you offer. We recommend incorporating different brand-related elements, such as your contact details, slogan, and mission.  
  • Assist customers with directional cues: Removable floor graphics can be used to assist customers as they try to look for specific amenities, items, areas, or individuals in your facility. Most establishments also use them to provide life-saving directions for escape during emergency situations. Since the pandemic started, social distancing floor decals have become more common as well.  
  • Improve flow and employee efficiency: Warehouses, industrial plants, distribution centers, and similar establishments in San Jose usually deal with potentially hazardous chemicals, dangerous equipment, and many moving parts. Thus, installing visible and straight-to-the-point decals is highly essential to avoid accidents and speed up your staff's workflow. Touchstone Signs & Graphics can also produce reflective or glow-in-the-dark options for maximum effectiveness, even during low-light situations. 

Get in Touch with Floor Graphics Experts in San Jose, CA 

Touchstone Signs & Graphics produces high-quality custom floor graphics for various companies in the San Jose Metro Area and nearby areas. We take pride in having a team of hardworking and highly skilled sign makers who go above and beyond in every project we handle. We use top-grade materials to ensure that the signs last longer than usual.  

Are you ready to maximize your marketing budget and invest in premium-quality custom floor stickers? Book a consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are floor graphics effective?

Yes. Floor graphics are an effective way to advertise your products or services. They are fantastic at influencing impulse buys at the point of purchase. You can also use them to enforce social distancing by installing them 6 feet apart.

How long do floor graphics last?

It depends on where they are installed and how much foot traffic they see. You can expect your graphics to last 6 months to a year, but they can last even longer if they receive proper maintenance.

How do you apply floor graphics?

First, you must prepare the spot where you want to place them by cleaning and smoothing the surface. Next, position the graphics where you want them, and place a piece of tape at the top to hold it in place. Then, peel off the backing layer and slowly apply them to the floor, smoothing them out as you do. Lastly, peel off the face layer to reveal the graphic.

What are floor decals?

Floor decals are like stickers that you can have designed in any shape or size you want, with custom colors and graphics. They stick to the floor with an adhesive and are a terrific way to create brand awareness.

How long do vinyl graphics last on flooring?

If you take proper care of them, and they aren’t in a place where they will see an extremely high amount of foot traffic, they should last up to a year. It also depends on what type of flooring you install them on.

What are floor graphics made from?

Most floor graphics have three layers. The adhesive layer, the print surface (or base layer, which consists of the graphic itself), and a layer of a durable scratch-resistant vinyl overlay.

Are floor stickers durable?

Yes. They are designed to be walked on and have a protective layer so that they last for a long time. It also depends on where you install them: they last longer inside than outside.

Are floor decals removable?

Yes. You can use a heat gun, or a razor or scrape them off when you no longer want them. You may have to clean some residue they leave behind to have your floor looks like it was again.

How long do floor stickers last?

Floor stickers made from durable materials should last up to a year, possibly longer. It depends on how much foot traffic they get and if people spill on them. If you maintain them properly, you will get the most out of them.

How do you clean vinyl graphics?

Vinyl graphics can be cleaned with mild soap and water. You can find cleaners at any cleaning supply store that are compatible with vinyl graphics. Make sure you dry them after so water doesn’t seep underneath the graphic which can cause the edges to peel off.


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