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If you have commercial vehicles out on the road, custom vehicle wraps are a smart way to increase visibility for your San Jose business. Whether you have one delivery van or a fleet of commercial vehicles, Touchstone Signs & Graphics can create unique wraps that work for any size and style of vehicle. Let us help you create auto wraps that keep your business top of mind in your community.

If you’re looking for ‘vehicle wraps near me,’ the Touchstone Signs & Graphics team is ready to deliver what you need, from designing the right look to installing high-quality wraps and graphics. From vehicle lettering to full vehicle wrapped vehicles, there’s no limit to the types of vehicle wraps we can create.

Get Results with Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Did you know that turning your business vehicles into mobile advertising not only improves brand visibility but creates more sales opportunities too? Don’t be surprised if your custom vinyl wraps have people approaching you to learn more about your business and to grab a business card. Car wraps in San Jose will also help you increase your credibility while effectively reminding customers about your products and services.

As a bonus, vinyl car wraps offer protection too. The heavy-duty vinyl that gets applied to a vehicle’s exterior will help protect against small dents and scratches. This helps your company retain value in your commercial fleet.

When it comes to deciding which vinyl wraps in San Jose will best suit your needs, Touchstone Signs & Graphics can help. We can offer several solutions based on your industry, your budget, and the type of vehicles you have.

No matter which option you choose, investing in vehicle graphics will maximize your promotional efforts and take your marketing to the next level. The cost of vehicle wraps in San Jose will vary based on what type and finish you choose.

The most common options include:

  • Full vehicle wraps that completely cover the exterior from front to back.
  • Partial vehicle wraps that can cover just one or two areas, such as the tailgate or door.
  • Vinyl lettering on one part of the vehicle that displays your contact information, business name, or slogan.

As for vinyl wrap specialists, Touchstone Signs & Graphics in San Jose can create highly impactful wraps that work for new businesses right through to established companies looking to improve brand recognition.

Best Vinyl Wraps Near Me

If you’re looking for vehicle wrap shops in the San Jose Metro Area that are easy to work with and deliver high-quality results, look no further than Touchstone Signs & Graphics. Our team will listen to your goals and then provide cost-effective solutions designed to amplify your brand. Whether you want simple lettering on your car or a truck and trailer wrap, we are the vinyl wrap shop in the San Jose Metro Area you’re looking for.

With customer satisfaction always top of mind, we’ll guide you through the entire process, right through to professional installation. As we look to build longstanding customer relationships, don’t forget that we can also provide maintenance services as well as remove and update your wraps as needed.

Vehicle Marketing from Touchstone Signs & Graphics

From simple logos to complex designs and layouts, let Touchstone Signs & Graphics craft distinctive custom auto wraps in the San Jose Metro Area that make your company more memorable. Our vehicle wrapped advertising are a perfect choice for businesses looking to build a stronger local presence and a bigger customer base.

Call Touchstone Signs & Graphics today at 408-495-8074 to learn more about the best wrap options for your San Jose business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of vehicle vinyl wraps?

Vehicle vinyl wraps are advertising on the go. A typical sign is stationary and will only be seen by people that take that route regularly. With a vehicle on the road, you will get tons of people who will see your brand or business advertising.

Why would you vinyl wrap a vehicle?

If you have a mobile business or a company car, you want your drivers out on the road with purpose. You can enhance your impact with vinyl wraps as they will advertise for you effortlessly. This will also take your branding to areas that may not have signage for your business so you can reach more potential customers.

Does a vinyl wrap scratch easy?

No. Although it’s not completely resistant to scratches, it would be almost as difficult to scratch a vinyl wrap as it would the regular paint job. At Touchtone Signs & Graphics, we always make sure your wrap is put on properly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Can you wash a wrapped vehicle?

You can, and you should. Your vehicle should look its best if it’s a representation of your business. Just don’t wash it right away after the wrap is adhered; give it at least a week before washing. It is best to wash it with gentle soap and a non-abrasive cloth. Touchless car washes are also a valid option.

Can we remove our vinyl wrap from our vehicle?

Yes. Rest assured that if you ever want to take the wrap off your vehicle the process is very easy. There are several methods but using a heat gun is the preferred and easiest way of doing it. In most cases, it will be better to take your vehicle back to your vinyl wrap installer to have it removed professionally.

Is it cheaper to respray or wrap a vehicle?

In most cases, wrapping is less expensive. The process takes less time and uses fewer materials than painting as well.

Can you clear coat over a vinyl wrap?

Yes, you can get a clear coat over a vinyl wrap. Some people even suggest doing it occasionally, to help protect it against the elements. However, there is no hard evidence that it provides any extra protection.

Can I wax a vinyl wrap?

Yes, but make sure the wax is specifically designed for a car wrap. Ask an expert in our auto department which ones they suggest using.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

It all depends on the size of the job. Things like vehicle type, size, and the type of vinyl wrap you want to use all come into play. Contact our team of experts and we will be able to provide you with an estimate.

How long do vinyl wraps last?

Vinyl car wraps last on average between five and seven years. This is when they start to crack and peel. You can increase the lifetime of your wrap with proper care and maintenance like gentle cleanings and keeping it out of harsh sunlight or bad weather.


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