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Electronic Signs for Businesses in San Jose

Make your signs attractive, eye-catching, and agile with modern electronic signs. These are like digital billboards, but instead of paper, fabric, vinyl, or other material, these signs use LED and video displays to show your message.

Change the design of your sign at the click of a button with these flexible signs. They are eye-catching, impactful, and ideal for advertising 24/7. If you want to send a complex message or are competing with other signs, then you should consider a custom electronic sign in San Jose.

Call (408) 495 8074 to book a free consultation with an expert. At Touchstone Signs & Graphics, we make getting signage for your business completely seamless.

What is an Electronic Sign?

An electronic sign has a digital display that works a lot like a television screen or the one on your smartphone. Simpler LED signs can show scrolling text and changeable colors but may not be suitable for high-resolution videos.

That means, unlike other signs, these signs are dynamic. You can display moving pictures on them, which is why they offer unparalleled attention-grabbing ability.

There are many other benefits of electronic signs as well, including:

Realistic images: These signs can display high-quality graphics. You can show off photo-realistic impressions of a text, people, products, or anything else that you’d like to use to attract customers or to help communicate your message.

Save on lighting costs: Use your signs worry-free. Our signs use cutting-edge LED lighting technology, which makes them incredibly affordable to operate. You’ll also work with an experienced team that will help you keep the cost of electronic signs within budget.

Change it up: You can design the new message or image and then send it out to the sign to be displayed. That’s one of the absolute best benefits of a digital sign–that you can update it without getting another sign or spending more money.

Types of Electronic Signs

Programmable LED displays can be put into many different sign types, including:

We also offer portable electronic message boards that you can install on a food truck, at a pop-up shop, or at trade shows.

Uses of Electronic Signs

There are almost innumerable benefits of digital signs that can help your San Jose business get ahead and achieve its goals. Our customers use electronic signs indoors and outdoors to improve customer experience, promote sales, and more.

Uses of Indoor Electronic Signs

Promote sales and new products.

  • Show advertising clips.
  • Display changing safety information.
  • Show information about promotions.
  • Display current wait times.

Uses of Outdoor Electronic Signs

  • Help your location stand out or be more visible.
  • Get noticed by more people.
  • Display info about events and promotions.
  • Display your business’s opening hours.
  • Brand your building or storefront.

Electronic Signs in the San Jose Metro Area, CA

Take advantage of one of the most effective and cost-effective kinds of signage to grow sales and brand awareness. Call us at (408) 495 8074 to talk to a signage expert about electronic signs near you in the San Jose Metro Area.


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