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Top-Notch San Jose Office Signs 

Office signs for your business are visual communication tools that support your employees and assist clients. They can also be used to cement your brand and enhance the environment of your workspace. There are many benefits of investing in high-quality signs for the office, such as improving employee morale and converting leads. If you want to learn more about our signage solutions, please request a consultation with one of our specialists today! 

What Signs Does My Office Need? 

Touchstone Signs & Graphics creates a wide range of products for different needs. Listed below are a few of them. 

  • ADA signs: These special accessibility tools are strictly mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some of their design details include Braille, contrasting background and text colors, simple fonts, and universal symbols. ADA-compliant San Jose office signs are intended to assist visually impaired individuals so they can conveniently and safely make their way inside your establishment. 
  • Door signs: These signs are straightforward, but they are must-have visual communication tools for your brick-and-mortar facility. They indicate the purpose of each room or space and who occupies them. Warnings, office hours, reminders, and other important details are sometimes included as well. 
  • Wall decals: These are ideal for displaying brand-related elements, motivational words, and seasonal décor for your office in San Jose, CA. 
  • Lobby logo signs: A great way to welcome guests the moment they step foot inside the facility is by installing high-quality office signage in the reception area. Besides the company’s official logo, you can also showcase your slogan, mission, vision, awards, recognitions, and more. 
  • Wayfinding signs: These display navigation details to keep customers happy and promote orderliness in your facility. Besides the basic arrows and labels, we can also create detailed directories for businesses with multiple buildings or levels. 
  • Window films: These vinyl window signs promote privacy and reduce the amount of glare that enters your establishment in San Jose, CA. We offer them in several finishes, such as frosted and tinted. 
  • Murals: These impressive vinyl signage solutions can easily transform your workspace overnight. Our artists will work closely with you to identify the best designs that suit your branding requirements and enhance your office environment.

  • Emergency exit signs: These photoluminescent signs create a safer space for your staff and customer since they are guided to the nearest exit points in your facility in case of emergencies.


Claim Your Free Office Sign Consultation Today 

Touchstone Signs & Graphics is a leading supplier of high-quality office signage in San Jose, CA. As leaders in the industry, we focus on providing exceptional visual communication and marketing solutions that meet or even exceed your expectations. 

Unlike other sign shops, we take the time to learn about who you are as a company, the communication preferences of your customers, the needs of your employees, and your overall goals. 

Are you ready to get the best office signs near you? Call us today to get started.


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