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Professional custom business signs can help you draw more customers into your San Jose business. Not only do they make your location more visible, but they also increase brand awareness and improve your image, which can translate into an increase in sales.

As a full-service commercial signage company in San Jose, you can count on our team to produce high-quality signage solutions that help your company build trust in your community. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we’ll walk you through every step of our process, from manufacturing and design to production and installation. The commercial signs you receive from Touchstone Signs & Graphics will help you conquer all your marketing goals.

What are Business Signs?

If you’re not sure exactly what business signage entails, a simple way to think about it is to include any piece of the exterior, interior, or event-based signage used to promote your company, your brand, your products, or your services in this category.

When it comes to corporate signs for your San Jose business, Touchstone Signs & Graphics offers a wide variety of options for both interior and exterior use. Whether you’re just starting out or need a full signage rebrand, we’re ready to help you get the job done.

Ideally, your interior and exterior business signs should communicate your brand and business personality while making it easier for customers to choose your products or services. Great signs enhance customer experience and improve your employee’s work environment.

Types of Business Signs

Touchstone Signs & Graphics, a business sign maker in the San Jose Metro Area, can work with you to develop an in-depth sign strategy designed to help you reach your business goals. From eye-catching exterior signs to interior business signs that elevate your aesthetic, we want your signs to create more opportunities for success.

Before you search ‘business signs near me,’ take a look at some of the options we offer:

Uses for Business Signs

It’s important to work with a knowledgeable sign maker that can help you understand all you can accomplish with good business signs. While most business owners know they need a sign on the exterior to mark their location, there are so many other uses of commercial signage that can help you build your business.

  • Directional signs improve customer experience and make it easier to navigate your location.
  • Lobby signs welcome all guests and help them know they’re in the right place.
  • Office signs help communicate achievements and company history.
  • Promotional signage can draw attention to seasonal sales, events, or new products.

While the cost of business signs will vary based on how many you need and the design and material are chosen, Touchstone Signs & Graphics can deliver cost-effective options that will enhance your business image.

Corporate Signs Companies Near You

If you’re looking for a high-quality, attractive Sign for a Business in the San Jose area, working with Touchstone Signs & Graphics is the right choice. We’ll help you choose signs that elevate your brand and bring in more customers, allowing you to reach new levels of success.

Our company prides itself on always aiming to exceed expectations and never hesitate to do what’s needed to ensure customer satisfaction. Ready to get the Sign for a business needs? Call Touchstone Signs & Graphics today at (408) 495 8074 to learn more about working together or to book your free consultation.

What should be on a business sign?

The purpose of a business sign is to provide vital information to your customers in a simplified, easy-to-read/understand format. Such information includes the name of the business, services & products provided, contact information, and hours of operation. Some business signs will also have an address guiding the customer to the business location.  

Why are signs vital for businesses?

A good sign tells potential clients what your business does and what you have to offer. Signs are an essential marketing tool that communicates relevant information. You can think of them as silent salespeople who draw clients to your business and help differentiate your business from others nearby.  

Do business signs work?

A business sign is an integral part of your marketing strategy. It can work for you 24/7 if well designed and strategically located. A well-designed sign grabs the onlooker's attention, increasing the chances of impulse buying or lead generation. About a third of buyers admit to buying from a business based on a compelling sign.

What are the signs in front of businesses called?

Signs in front of a building are outdoor signs that help people identify your business. They usually spot brand colors and signature graphics.

How do you create a business sign?

Creating a business sign is not as hard as most business owners perceive. The first step to creating a business sign is brainstorming suitable colors and the message you want your client to get from the sign. Second, you have to consider the primary goal the sign is meant to achieve. For example, large, well-lit, elevated signs are designed to catch the attention of drivers, while smaller signs placed closer to the ground are designed to have a personal touch for people walking past.

What are the four types of business signs?

Identification- These signs help onlookers identify a business by name and type of service or product provided. You can expect to spot them outdoors.
Directional- Some signs will direct potential clients towards areas of interest. These signs help clients save time when navigating your business. Directional signs can be placed both outdoors and indoors.  
Informational- As the name suggests, informational signs give people general information. These signs are best placed in areas with broad exposure or access points like building entrances.
Regulatory- These signs target employees' and clients' general well-being and safety. Similarly, these signs display rules and regulations like no pets allowed or Personnel only access points in a building.

What are outdoor business signs?

Outdoor signs are strategically located outside the business premises and visible to the public. They are usually colorful and well-lit, so they are visible from a distance. 

What are some uses for business signs?

As a business owner, you can use signs to keep clients informed, direct clients around the area, and help clients identify your business.  

What is an example of signage?

If you have driven down any major road, you have undoubtedly observed rows of billboard signs advertising different products and services. These are great examples of signage.


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