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Bathroom Sign Makers in the San Jose Metro Area

It’s not enough to just have restrooms; you need clear signage, so people are able to find restrooms quickly. Make employees and customers feel comfortable at your brick-and-mortar location with bathroom signs.

Improve visitor experience and save people from having to ask, “Where’s the washroom?” with custom signage. At Touchstone Signs & Graphics, we work with all types of San Jose businesses for indoor signage.

Looking for office bathroom signs? Make sure your signs are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to ensure you meet federal and state regulations so you can focus on your business.

Call (408) 495 8074 to book a free consultation and discuss personalized bathroom signs with an expert.

What is a Bathroom Sign?

Bathroom signs in stores and offices provide clear directions to everyone on the premises to the bathrooms nearest them. They can also be used as directional signs. If you receive a lot of visitors at your establishment, you are required to adhere to ADA guidelines and install compliant signage.

ADA-compliant signs are designed to be easy to read at a glance. They include features that make them more easily readable for people with hearing, mobility, cognitive, and physical disabilities.

All Types of Bathroom Signs Available in San Jose

Choose from a wide range of ready-to-go bathroom signs.

  • Unisex Bathroom Signs
  • Door Signs
  • All Gender Bathroom Signs
  • Humorous Bathroom Signs
  • Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Signs
  • Hazard Warning Signs
  • Washroom Directional Arrows
  • ADA Signs
  • “Cleaning in Progress” Signs

Want something personalized for your premises? Our fully equipped fabrication shop can build all types of signs and bring your vision to life. You’ll work with an experienced team that designs, builds, and installs all types of restroom signs.

Benefits and Uses of Bathroom Signs

Do you constantly have visitors asking the way to the restroom at your business? Install modern signs at the right places and make visiting your establishment a more pleasant experience.

Bathroom signs are great for:

  • Enhancing branding around the premises.
  • Encouraging visitors to return.
  • Improving visitor experience.
  • Complying with local San Jose

Have You Installed ADA Restroom Signs?

Haven’t installed ADA-compliant signs? You risk getting fined or even having your license to operate suspended! Get guidance on ADA requirements when you work with our team, and install compliant signs confidently. The Americans with Disabilities Act prescribes:

  • What washroom signs should look like.
  • Where washroom signs should be installed.

ADA signs must have a high-contrast finish to maximize readability and must include braille lettering. Moreover, these signs should have a high contrast ratio so that they don’t become obscured by glare. They must also be installed within a certain distance of the door on a static surface, like a wall.

They include special features that help people with disabilities navigate their space independently and safely. It’s why they must include elements like:

  • Pictograms
  • Braille lettering
  • Tactile letters

Get Custom Bathroom Signs for Your Business

Making customers feel welcome and managing their experience are two of the most essential aspects of making a great first impression. Pay attention to bathroom signs when you refresh the interior decor or when you buy new signs and graphics for your building.

Old signs on your bathrooms make your space look unkempt and give your space a downmarket appearance. Your customers will question how much attention you’ll really pay to the work environment and employees.

Install custom signs that match your branding and decor, and customers will appreciate the commitment and attention to detail you show to strong visual communication. Our team will help you identify options that keep the cost of bathroom signs within budget.

Call (408) 495 8074 to book a free consultation with a sign professional to discuss bathroom signs near you in San Jose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bathroom signs do you make?

We make many different types of bathroom signs, like humorous bathroom signs, ADA signs, washroom direction arrows, unisex bathroom signs, and gender bathroom signs.  We make them from a variety of different materials like acrylic, vinyl, metal, and more.

What are the bathroom sign figures called?

They’re called pictograms, but they are also referred to as bathroom symbols or bathroom icons. There are two types of icons: one for a man and one for a woman. A unisex bathroom may have a picture of both icons, or of an icon split down the middle with one side being a man and the other being a woman.

Do you create bathroom symbols?

Yes, we create bathroom signs with bathroom symbols on them at your request.

What does the triangle restroom sign mean?

The triangle symbol indicates that the bathroom is for men. There’s usually a pictogram of a man in the middle of the triangle to make the sign easier to understand.

What are the characteristics of ADA-compliant bathroom signage?

ADA bathroom signs must be mounted on the latch-hand side of the door and be between 48-60 inches from the ground. These signs will have a pictogram of a person in a wheelchair and they need to have raised braille characters. They require a high-contrast finish for people with eye problems.

What are washroom directional arrows?

Washroom directional arrows are directional signs placed throughout a business that points people in the direction of the bathroom. They usually have the word “Washroom” or “Bathroom” on them, or a pictogram so people know what they mean.

What are the main uses of bathroom signs?

Bathroom signs have one purpose: they’re to label which door leads to the bathroom. They distinguish between the male and female bathrooms so there are no embarrassing mishaps.

How do restroom signs help businesses?

A business that has a restroom is respected in the community. Some businesses don’t have bathrooms or don’t label them properly, which is a quick way to get a bad reputation. Everyone has the right to use bathroom facilities. You could anger people to the point that they'll not choose your establishment when they’re ready to do business. Having clearly labeled restroom signs makes everyone feel welcome.

Do you make restroom signs?

Yes, among many other signs. We can even make custom bathroom signs for your business on a wide assortment of different materials.

Where can I get restroom signs in San Jose, CA?

There are several sign shops in San Jose, CA that make restroom signs, but we’re confident with our products and services and aren’t afraid to compete with any one of them. For more information on restroom signs call Touchstone Signs & Graphics at 408-560-4075 or message us online.


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