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What is an Acrylic Signs? 

Acrylic signs are made from shatter-resistant, inexpensive, and lightweight polymer. They have the same elegant and timeless appearance as glass signs but are not as fragile and high maintenance. We recommend them for San Jose entrepreneurs looking for a budget-friendly and low-maintenance business sign option. They can be used anywhere within your store, shop, or office. 

To learn more about the cost of acrylic signs, reach out to Touchstone Signs & Graphics today.

Popular Types of Acrylic Signs in San Jose    

  • Frosted plexiglass signs: These classy signage solutions are perfect for business establishments with a formal or highly professional ambiance, such as banks, clinics, corporate offices, and law firms. We also recommend frosted wall signs if you want to add more privacy and reduce the amount of glaring sunlight that enters a room.
  • Clear acrylic signage: These are the most common signs made from plexiglass in San Jose. They are ideal for indicating room labels, directories, wayfinding cues, and product menus.
  • Contour-cut acrylic wall signs: These are not the common rectangular acrylic office signs. As the name suggests, we cut and polish the edges to follow the curves and grooves of your design. They are recommended for brands that want to appear more hip and modern.

Uses of Acrylic Business Signs for Your San Jose Business  

  • POP plexiglass signs in San Jose: Checkout counters are one of the most crucial areas in your facility since they complete the purchase process. This is also where you can sell something to customers for the last time before they leave. Therefore, if you want to influence their last-minute purchases and leave a positive impression, putting up point-of-purchase acrylic signs is a must.
  • Nameplates: Clear or frosted acrylic office signs that are interchangeable are great for displaying the names of employees, job positions, and even the departments they work for. This is especially helpful for large corporations or those with many guests and clients.
  • Retail Advertising: Most retail shops in San Jose carry a lot of products that can overwhelm customers and prevent them from buying anything. This is why organizing your product lines and installing custom acrylic signs that label their categories is incredibly important. When done correctly, customers will find it easier to locate what they need, process visual information, and ultimately decide on making a purchase.
  • Room identification: Thanks to their versatile clarity and elegance, these signs are perfect for labeling different areas, floors, departments, or rooms regardless of what industry your business belongs to.
  • Directional details: From basic arrows to detailed directories of every floor of your building, acrylic signs are fantastic tools to help employees and guests get around in your establishment. Since they spend less time getting lost, you are also boosting customer satisfaction and work efficiency.
  • Brand reinforcement: Commercial acrylic office signs are not just about directly promoting products and services and improving the overall customer experience. Some of them are specifically intended to reinforce your brand. Therefore, investing in these signs will give you more opportunities to remind customers of your brand for their future purchases. Our San Jose team will help you choose which signage type works best for your branding needs.

One of the Most Recommended Acrylic Sign Makers in the San Jose Metro Area

Touchstone Signs & Graphics is your go-to manufacturer of high-quality visual marketing tools in the San Jose Metro Area, CA. Our acrylic sign printing services are superior to those provided by other companies. By using sign-making best practices and implementing a customer-centric approach throughout the project, you can expect to get the best acrylic signs near you. What are you waiting for? Book a consultation with one of our seasoned specialists today!

What's an acrylic sign?

Acrylic signs are signs made out of a lightweight, strong, and flexible polymer material that resembles glass in terms of clarity. They boast a high-tech and sophisticated look featuring a chic, glossy finish.

Is acrylic good for signs?

Acrylic is an excellent material for signs as it's durable and weather-resistant. This means that it can stay looking great for years before needing an upgrade. Moreover, minor chips are solvable with some light cleaning.

How much does an acrylic sign cost?

For the quality that you get, acrylic is relatively affordable, depending on the design details and the number of pieces. Of course, the cost can go up based on several variables, so it's best to call in with the details you want and request a quote.

How long does acrylic business signs last?

The lifespan of an acrylic sign depends on several factors. These signs have been known to last up to 10 years with proper care and maintenance.  

Are acrylic signs weatherproof?

Unlike other materials used for making signs, UV light does not adversely affect acrylic. This is besides it being both chemical and water-resistant. Acrylic signs can also be paired with LED lights to make them more visible in different weather conditions.

How thick are acrylic signs?

Acrylic signs are available in a range of thicknesses, and the right one depends on the intended use and design. For example, you can find a sign from just one-eighth of an inch thick to an inch or more.

How do you hang acrylic signs?

There are different ways to hang acrylic prints, and you can choose the one that you feel will best work for the size and design of the acrylic sign you have. You can hang acrylic signs in four ways: standoff bolts, wire, hooks, or French cleats.

How do you paint an acrylic sign?

It's always best to consult with an experienced sign company before attempting to make any changes to your sign. For example, certain paints can damage your acrylic, ruining your sign and negating all the hard work you put into it. If your acrylic sign needs an update, there may be safer, cheaper, and better-looking options. Be sure to contact Touchstone Signs & Graphics if you need to make changes to your acrylic sign.

How long will acrylic last outside?

The average lifespan of acrylic placed outdoors is between five and eight years. If the acrylic is made to a standard as high as Touchstone Signs & Graphics makes acrylic signs, it will serve you for an impressively long time. Don't hesitate to contact us for advice, a quote, or any other kind of assistance you need for quality acrylic signs.


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