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Business Signs: That Attract Customers

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Business signs are a crucial element in the success of any local business. You need to have exterior signs that can grab the attention of people on the streets, as well as indoor business signs that complement your establishment to create a great in-store experience.

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The Different Types of Business Signs:

You need to grab the attention of people outside to lead them into your business, and inside you need to advertise your products, sales, and upcoming events. Here are a few of the different business signs you can use to achieve this goal.

● Storefront Signs:

Having a well-designed storefront sign is essential if you want your business to stand out to passersby. It’s the first thing people see before ever entering your store. Simply put, it’s like the cover of a book. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what people do. Make your “book cover” a fantastic one. Showcase your storefront at its best with a custom business sign.

● Monument Signs:

Nothing says class like a well-built modern monument sign. These signs are sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions, and they look elegant as well as sophisticated. If you operate a high-class business and want to attract elite clientele then this is the exterior sign for your business.

● Illuminated Signage:

LED signs for business are the best way to know that no matter what time of day it is, your signs have optimal visibility. Channel letters for your storefront are a great example of a sign that’s working for you day and night. Not only do they light up and shine through the darkness, but they also look powerful and make your business's name pop.

● Vinyl Signs:

You have attracted people from the street to come into your store with your exterior signage, now it's time to make the inside of your business look amazing as well. Vinyl decals, like wall graphics and floor decals, can be used to advertise sales and entice people to make impulse buys at the point of purchase.

● Wayfinding Signs:

These signs are necessary for your business to function properly. Without proper wayfinding signs, people will get frustrated by their inability to find what they need, and will most likely walk out. Don’t give them that opportunity. Create an enjoyable experience in your business by having proper identification signs on your doors and wayfinding signs set up in appropriate locations that point people to where they want to go.

Touchstone Signs & Graphics: San Jose’s Favorite Sign Company

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