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Touchstone Signs & Graphics is a signage company based in San Jose, California. We have many types of signs, including outdoor signs. Any outdoor sign you place on your business can help you attract more business. You must carefully consider your outdoor signage as it will directly impact your business. That is why you need professionally made, high-quality outdoor business signs to communicate the right message about your business. You have several options for outdoor business signs, so be sure to work with an experienced company like Touchstone Signs & Graphics to ensure your signage offers the best results for your business.

Uses of Outdoor Signs

You can use outdoor business signs for various purposes, including:

Making Your Presence Known

You will often find lighted outdoor signs on dark highways and roads. Without these signs, many drivers would pass by without knowing the business establishment existed. You can use outdoor business signs to alert passersby to the presence of your business and what you can offer them. Learning your business exists is the first step to turning someone into a customer. Such a sign is a great brand awareness tool and makes it easier for people to remember your business.

Offer Directions

If your business is in an obscure location or located among many other businesses, you can use outdoor business signs to provide visitors with directions in the form of directional signs. The sign will help anyone who is lost or unsure about your location.


If your outdoor business sign is large and conspicuous enough, it could serve as a landmark in the area. The sign will have to be quite prominent for it to be a landmark, but visitors will never miss your business.

Types of Outdoor Signs

There are numerous types of outdoor business signs from which to choose. The type of outdoor business sign you choose will largely depend on your business. Some signs will be suitable for some businesses but not others. The following are the main types of outdoor business signage:

• Pylon or Monolith Signs

• Pavement Signs

• Monument Signs

• Storefront Signs and Commercial Awnings

• Panel Signs

• Pole Signs

• Blade Signs

• Channel Letters

• Wall Signs

• Window Graphics

• Sidewalk Signage

• Printed Banners and Flags

You could also classify outdoor business signage based on its constituent material. Touchstone Signs & Graphics can make outdoor business signs from materials such as acrylic, metal, wood, and vinyl. Metal is the most durable and strongest sign-making material, making the best signs.

Finding the Best Signs

Touchstone Signs & Graphics is your best option for outdoor business signage in San Jose, California. We will make signs according to your specifications and guide you through the process. Therefore, contact us today, and we will provide you with a free quote. Trust us to provide cost-effective options for high-quality signage that delivers results.


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